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Auto Locksmith Services in Oklahoma City, OK

At Okey Locksmith, we offer the most comprehensive automotive locksmith services in Oklahoma City. Our OKC auto locksmith technicians always have the most up-to-date technologies with them to get you back into your vehicle and on your way as soon as possible. No matter what time of day you need us, we are there for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For 24-hour emergency automotive locksmith services in the Oklahoma City Metro area, call now!

What Automotive Locksmith Services Does Okey Locksmith Provide In Oklahoma City?

We provide an extensive list of automotive locksmith services in Oklahoma City:

  • Car, Van, Truck, RV Lockouts / Opening
  • Emergency Trunk Opening
  • Broken Key Extractions
  • VAT Key Duplication
  • Remote & Fob Key Generation
  • High Security & Laser Key Generation & Duplication
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Transponder Keys & Chips
  • Car Key Duplication
  • Ignition Repair Or New Installation

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How Much Does It Cost To Unlock A Car In Oklahoma City?

The cost to unlock your car depends on factors such as the complexity of the job, the cost of labor and hardware, and the type of key the vehicle requires.

At Okey Locksmith, our service calls start at $35 during normal operating hours within a 5-mile radius of our premises. We provide free estimates and an explanation of all required services before any work begins.

At Okey Locksmith, our goal is to make sure your locksmith needs are met quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

  • Transponder key programming, for keys with an electronic chip starts at $65 (2)
  • New key generation, in the case of a lost key start at $90 (2)
  • Ignition repair or new installation start at $120 (2)

See our complete list of pricing details here.

I’ve Locked My Keys Inside My Car. Can You Help?

Absolutely! If you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside your car, our professional automotive locksmiths can assist you. Our automotive locksmiths are skilled in various techniques to safely and quickly unlock vehicle doors using specialized tools and methods tailored to your specific vehicle make and model, and without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Upon arrival, your locksmith specialist will assess the situation and employ the most suitable approach to gain access to your vehicle. Whether your car has traditional car locks or advanced electronic locks, our technicians can unlock your car swiftly, allowing you to retrieve your keys and get back on the road.

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Can A Locksmith Open A Broken Car Door?

Typically, even a damaged car door is able to be opened. Our car locksmiths have the skills and knowledge to unlock the doors of cars, vans, trucks, and RVs, without causing further damage to the vehicle. If necessary, we will rekey the vehicle lock.

It’s important to note that the approach to opening a broken car door can vary depending on the specific circumstances. We must take into account the type of door, the nature of the damage, and the locking mechanism in order to provide the best services tailored to your specific situation.

What Do I Do If I’ve Lost My Car Keys?

Losing your car keys can be a frustrating experience, but at Okey Locksmith we can help resolve the situation by making a new key and/or fob for you.

The time required to make a new key depends on the type of key and the programming involved. For traditional metal keys, we can typically cut a new key within a few minutes. If your vehicle uses a transponder key or a key fob with advanced electronics, additional time may be needed to program the key to your car’s immobilizer system. This key programming process ensures that your new key functions correctly and allows your car to start and operate properly.

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What Information Do I Need To Get My Car Door Unlocked?

Typically, you will need to provide some information about your car, such as the year, make, and model, to ensure that a key can be generated and that the key is compatible with your vehicle’s ignition system. Identification and proof of ownership to ensure security may also be required. This requirement helps to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle and ensures that our locksmiths are acting ethically and responsibly.

In this era of technology, it’s wise to have a digital copy of important documents like your vehicle registration and a copy of your photo ID on your mobile device. This way, you can readily access them during emergencies such as vehicle lockouts.

Can You Help Me If My Ignition Key Is Stuck Or Broken?

Sure! Our mobile locksmith services in Oklahoma City can assist if your ignition key is stuck or broken. Upon arrival to your vehicle, your locksmith will assess the situation and employ appropriate techniques to safely remove the stuck or broken key from the ignition. Depending on the specific circumstances, specialized tools designed to extract keys or disassemble the ignition system may be used if necessary.

In some cases, the ignition may need repair or replacement if it has been damaged due to a broken key or other issues. Our professional locksmiths can also address ignition repairs or provide guidance on the best course of action to ensure your vehicle is functional and secure.

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Do You Program Key Fobs?

Yes, we offer key fob programming services for a wide range of vehicles. Whether your key fob needs programming, reprogramming or needs to be replaced, our professional locksmiths are ready to assist. We take pride in delivering efficient and reliable key fob programming services in the Oklahoma City Metro Area with affordable services done in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.

When it comes to key fob programming, our team stays up to date with the latest advancements in automotive technology. We have access to specialized programming devices and software that enable us to synchronize the key fob with the vehicle’s existing programming. This process ensures that the key fob functions correctly, providing convenience and ease of use for your customers.

It’s important to note that not all key fobs can be reprogrammed. Some models may require a replacement key fob if the existing one is damaged or malfunctioning. However, our automotive locksmiths can assess the situation and provide the appropriate solution along with a free quote before services begin to meet your needs.

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Do You Repair Or Replace VATS Keys?

Yes, we specialize in the repair and replacement of VATS keys in Oklahoma City. VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) keys are a type of vehicle key that contains a small resistor chip. These car keys are designed to provide an additional layer of lock security for your vehicle.

Our professional locksmiths have the knowledge and expertise to handle VATS keys. Whether your VATS key needs repair due to damage or malfunction, or you require a VATS key replacement, our team is well-equipped to assist you.

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Are Your Locksmiths Available 24/7 For Emergency Situations?

Yes, our locksmiths are available 24/7 for emergency locksmith services. We understand that lockouts, lost keys, or other urgent car locksmith issues can happen at any time. We prioritize providing round-the-clock service to ensure that our customers have access to assistance whenever it’s needed. You can rely on us to be there, day or night, to provide timely and effective solutions, prioritizing your safety and peace of mind.

In case of emergency locksmith or after-hours locksmith needs, an emergency service call fee may apply. This fee covers the additional resources, availability, and prompt response required to address locksmith emergencies outside normal business hours. See our full list of pricing guidelines here.

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