What Are The Most Common Commercial Locks Used in Commercial Buildings?

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Security is of utmost importance when it comes to business establishments. Protecting your resources, staff, and confidential information is essential, whether you run a retail establishment, office complex, or warehouse. Commercial door locks should be chosen carefully to increase security. This blog will explore the various commercial locks frequently used in commercial buildings and emphasize their advantages.

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ANSI Lock Grades

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has established three grades to assess the quality and durability of commercial locks. These grades, ranging in value from 1 to 3, help customers make informed decisions based on their security requirements and budget.

Grade 1 Lock, good for a classroom

Grade 1 Door Lock

Locks with a Grade 1 rating provide the highest level of security for businesses. These locks provide top-tier security and are built to last through years of regular use and possible assaults. They are commonly used in institutional settings like administrative offices, hospitals, and prisons. A business with Commercial Door Locks with a Grade 1 rating is excellent for high-security business settings due to their resistance to manipulation such as drilling and picking.

Grade 2 Security Door Locks:

A commercial door with Grade 2 locks is less secure than Grade 1 door locks, although they are still adequate for most business establishments. Schools, hotels, and small and medium-sized companies frequently use these locks. Grade 2 door locks are dependable and secure enough for most business uses, although they are not as resistant to brute force attacks as Grade 1 locks.

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Grade 3 Door Locks:

Grade 3 locks are primarily used in residential applications or settings but can also be suitable for some low-security commercial buildings. They offer basic protection against unauthorized access but are not recommended for high-risk commercial environments. Grade 3 locks are an affordable option for businesses on a budget or for areas that do not require stringent security measures.

Apart from ANSI lock grades, there are several other types of locks commonly used in commercial buildings. These include:

A Mortise Lock, very good for privacy and safety

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are known for their strength and durability. They are recessed into the door and offer exceptional resistance to tampering and forced entry. These are commonly used in commercial buildings such as government offices, financial institutions, and upscale hotels.

Commercial locks

Cylindrical Locks

Cylindrical locks are easy to install and maintain, making them a popular choice for commercial buildings. They are available in different configurations and offer varying levels of security. These types of locks are widely favored by small to medium businesses like retail stores.

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Keyless Entry Systems

With technological advancements, keyless entry systems have become increasingly popular in commercial buildings. These systems use electronic keypads, access cards, or biometric authentication to provide secure access control, commonly used in corporate offices like healthcare facilities, and research laboratories where strict access is crucial.

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