Choosing the Right Sliding Door Lock

Choosing the Right Sliding Door Lock

Today we’ve got a hot topic to tackle: Sliding Door Locks. Ah yes, the sliding door—perfect for patios, spacious for sunrooms, and a dream for decks, but what about the sliding door security lock? You’d be surprised how often people overlook this crucial part of home security. So let’s jump right in, shall we?

The Importance of Good Sliding Door Locks

First off, let’s establish why you should care about your sliding door lock. These types of doors can be particularly vulnerable to break-ins. The original locks with sliding doors often aren’t the strongest and can sometimes be jimmied open with a little force or finagling. But don’t worry; that’s why we’re here—to guide you through beefing up that sliding patio door lock for security.

Types of Sliding Door Locks

The Classic Latch

This is probably what you’re most familiar with—a simple latch that hooks the door to the frame. It’s basic and straightforward, but not necessarily the most sturdy and secure option. Latches can often be jiggled open or even forced open with a well-placed bump.

Sliding door locks with latch

Double-Bolt Locks

Imagine a deadbolt, but for securing your sliding door. These locks are secured in the track of the door, making it more difficult for anyone to lift or slide the door from the outside. Double-bolt locks offer a higher level of security compared to traditional latches.

Bar Locks

This is a physical bar that is installed and sits in the track behind the sliding door, preventing it from being opened. While it’s an effective security measure, it’s not the most convenient to set up and remove every time you want to use the door.

Smart Locks

Welcome to the 21st century, where even the hardware of your sliding door can be part of your smart home ecosystem. These locks can be controlled via your smartphone and may even send you notifications when your door is opened. Just be prepared for a more complex installation and a higher price tag.

Things to Consider

Ease of Use

If it’s hard to use, you’re less likely to use it—plain and simple. Choose a lock that integrates seamlessly into your other keys and daily life.

Patio door locks


Some locks are DIY-friendly, while others might require a call to us pros at Okey Locksmith. Consider how handy you are and how much time you’re willing to invest.


There’s a wide range of pricing and availability when it comes to sliding door locks, from simple, inexpensive latches to high-end smart locks. Know what you’re willing to spend, but remember: you can’t put a price on security.


Yes, even locks can be stylish! Make sure to choose a lock that complements your door and overall decor.

Choosing The Right Lock For A Pocket Door

Pocket doors are the epitome of style and space-saving design. But while they’re awesome for saving space, they’re also a bit tricky regarding locks.

Types of Pocket Door Locks

Privacy Locks

These are the most common types of locks for pocket doors, especially for bathrooms or bedrooms. They’re simple, with handles with a lock mechanism that can be engaged from one side—usually a thumb turn or a push button. However, they’re not exactly Fort Knox in terms of security.

Classic Japanese sliding doors

Keyed Locks

A keyed lock adds an extra layer of security, which could be perfect for an office pocket door. With a keyed lock, you can secure access to the door from both sides. Handy, but keep track of that key!

Passage Locks

These are for the doors that you don’t really need to lock but want to keep closed, like a closet. The door handle stays in place, but there’s no locking mechanism.

Double Locks

For those who are super cautious or want both privacy and security, double locks combine a privacy lock with a keyed lock. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of pocket door locks.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Lock


Think about why you need the lock. Is it for a bathroom where privacy is the main concern, or for a home office where you’re storing sensitive documents?

Security Level

While pocket doors aren’t typically as secure as regular doors, you can up the ante by selecting a model with high-quality, robust locks. Decide what level of security is acceptable for your needs.

Sliding glass doors


Some pocket door locks require a more involved installation process than patio door locks, possibly including carving out a part of the door for the lock mechanism. Feeling crafty, or is it time to call in the experts (like us!)?


Don’t forget the look! Make sure the lock you choose complements your door and overall home decor. Locks come in a variety of finishes—stainless steel, bronze, brass, you name it!


There’s a wide price range when it comes to pocket door locks, from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy. Remember, you often get what you pay for in terms of quality and durability.

When it comes to sliding doors, your lock isn’t just a small detail; it’s a big deal. Your family’s safety and your peace of mind hinge on this choice. So weigh your options, consider your needs, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Okey Locksmith for some expert advice or installation assistance from a residential locksmith.

Keep sliding securely, Oklahoma City!